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Job No.: 163-2018
Job Title:Equipment Manager

Position:                Equipment Manager-PVS Distribution

Description: Responsible for ensuring the on-time and safe repair of PVS Distribution trailers while managing cost and an effective inventory. This position is responsible for providing oversight and coordination of activities at multiple locations and has primary accountability for ensuring the safety and efficiency of the equipment.



Responsibilities (May include but are not limited to):


  • Acts as a champion of the fleet team in support of the business goals and safe, quality, reliable and competitive maintenance services.
  • Act as the lead for all trailer repairs and trailer capital projects.
  • Assures and optimizes maintenance execution practices and procedures to achieve cost-effective results, including efficient scheduling of resources and high-quality execution of work with a focus on Safety and Reliability.
  • Performs regular reviews of quality and efficiency.
  • Completes annual audit of fleet records to assure compliance with HM183 and all applicable CFR 49 regulations
  • Responsible for implementation and utilization of disciplined maintenance practices and standards.
  • Assists in the development of the maintenance budgets, and in controlling spending through appropriate tracking, forecasting, and adjustments.
  • Responsible for the support and reporting all key performance indicators through JJ Keller and other means necessary that will drive performance and implement improvements.
  • Coordinates with dispatch to ensure the timely repair of trailers are accomplished without jeopardizing customer service.
  • Ensure vendor invoices are accurate for parts and services and follow the PO and RO program.
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  • Responsible for continual self-education. This will be accomplished by, but not limited to, traveling to conferences on related subject matter, on-site and off-site trainings.
  • Responsible for continual research and improvement on “Best Practices” for trailer repairs and maintenance based on industry data.
  • Provide and coordinate daily management of the work orders including creation (as needed), prioritization, release, and review.
  • Responsible for establishing and managing repair and service vendors.
  • Ensure the Driver Vehicle Inspection Repair program is working properly and that all needed repairs are documented and brought to the attention of the garage. In addition, ensure that when repairs are made they are signed off on by a mechanic and reported back to the drivers.
  • Administration of performance reviews for all maintenance and mechanic staff.
  • Assist in the evaluation and determination of when to sell and purchase trailers.
  • Responsible for trailer warranty work, ensuring that is it repaired and invoiced correctly.
  • Promote and maintain positive relationships with the workforce.
  • Uphold the fundamentals of the Nicholson Nine and Responsible Care Guiding Principles. Environmental Health, Safety and Security are a responsibility of every PVS Employee.
Location: Detroit, MI
Posting Date: 4/1/2018
Position Type: full-time
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