We’re a Chemical Solutions Provider You Can Trust

Our Commitment to Safety and Family

The Nicholson Nine are the guiding values we stand by as a chemical solutions provider you can trust. We take our responsibilities with handling and distributing chemicals safely seriously, and we pledge to work in ways that reflect our values.

We strive daily to provide sustainable chemical products to our customers and ensure safety for the work of our team members by fostering a culture based upon the standards of our guiding principles.

The Nicholson Nine

  1. Safety is #1

    We perform all activities in a manner that protects and promotes the health, safety, security and welfare of fellow workers, the community, and the environment. Our efforts are guided by a commitment to Responsible Care®. We take personal responsibility for our goal: No accidents, injuries, or environmental incidents.

  2. We are Committed to 100% Customer Satisfaction

    We do whatever it takes to anticipate and exceed the expectations of our customers. Our response to customers is fast, friendly, and flexible. It is the responsibility of anyone who receives a complaint to follow through on it and make sure that it is resolved to the customer's complete satisfaction.

  3. We are a Family

    We work together as a team. We respect each other, appreciate the contributions of our co-workers, and encourage open communication. We are always willing to lend a hand and assist each other.

  4. We Understand the Importance of our Suppliers

    We form partnerships with suppliers, understanding that they are one of the keys to our success.

  5. We are Afraid Not to Change

    We are committed to the continuous improvement of all that we do. Innovation and creativity are encouraged; the status quo is not. We always look for a better or simpler way and share our ideas for improvement. We work to prevent problems before they occur. We identify and address environmental, health, safety, security issues and work to eliminate them through root cause analysis.

  6. We Never Stop Learning

    We are committed to education and are expected to participate fully in relevant, challenging training. We ask questions and continue to ask until we are satisfied with the answers. We willingly share our expertise and information with others.

  7. We Work Hard and Have Fun

    We do everything we can to maintain a positive work environment. We smile. We take pride in our personal appearance and the appearance of our facilities. We are enthusiastic ambassadors of PVS and the chemical industry and always speak favorably both in and outside the workplace.

  8. We Want to Be the Best

    We set stretch goals for PVS and for ourselves. We keep score and measure our progress. We commit to comply with legal and Responsible Care® related requirements to which we subscribe.

  9. We Always Do What is Right

    Our reputation for ethics, integrity, and trust is earned each day in everything we do. We tell the truth and keep our promises.

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