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PVS was one of the first companies to introduce the concept of "Minibulk" distribution in North America, revolutionizing the way corrosive chemicals were handled by replacing glass carboys with safer storage tanks and on-time delivery of “small” loads. The key advantages of this concept are the reduction in operational costs of handling corrosive materials, minimizing the chance of chemical spills and a considerable improvement in safety. Eliminating drums and totes will reduce wasted storage space, change-outs, hand pumping, costly deposits, environmentally wasteful rinse-out, and disposal, and heal loss. Moreover, improved safety will help to reduce worker’s compensation issues and injuries related to handling heavy containers and corrosive chemicals.

We offer customized storage tanks with secondary containment ranging from 250 to 3,000 gallons at no charge to our customers. Our experienced technical team will procure and install the tanks at the point of use to fit your specific application. We also have expertise in installing remote Telemetry Service for our Minibulk customers. Telemetry helps to enhance inventory management and reduce costs by reducing purchase orders, eliminating product run-outs, and improving data analytics for your operations.

Our specialized small bulk delivery equipment and experienced drivers ensure the safe and on-time delivery of products thereby improving plant operational efficiency. We have more than 20 terminals in the United States, 15 of which offer Minibulk service through our PVS Minibulk subsidiary. Reach out to a representative today to get a complimentary evaluation.

Telemetry Services

Let us help you save time and money by implementing a 24-hour monitoring system that eases your inventory management. Our telemetry services provide real-time data to our customers in order to make effective and efficient plant production supply chain decisions. Consider adding telemetry monitoring services to transform your product distribution procurement and storage process. Our experienced personnel are ready to service you.

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