PVS Chemicals Produces Hand Sanitizer for Its Front-Line Truck Drivers and Donates Product to First Responders

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DETROIT/BUFFALO, April 17, 2020 — As the demand continues for critical items needed by workers amid COVID-19, PVS Chemicals is producing its own hand sanitizer for its front-line truck drivers and has donated product for first responders, starting with Detroit and Buffalo.

PVS chemists earlier this month began formulating hand sanitizer using raw materials that are currently in the PVS portfolio. It is being manufactured at its Sharonville, Ohio facility (near Cincinnati) and bottled at its Detroit location.

“We all know how crucial our front-line workers are, including first responders, and we are committed to helping others especially during these uncertain times,” said PVS Chemicals President and CEO David A. Nicholson. “We are proud of our employees who continue to deliver products to our customers for use in a variety of applications to assist first responders and other people in need.”

Since making the first batch of the hand sanitizer this month, PVS has donated more than 1,000 bottles of the product to Detroit organizations for use by healthcare and first responders. PVS also donated a 10-gallon drum of hand sanitizer to the Erie County Sheriff’s Office in Buffalo for bottling. The sheriff’s office also is combining the hand sanitizer with donated dry wipes from another company to create disinfectant wipes. They are using the hand sanitizer/wipes for disinfecting jails, substations, common areas, police and fire vehicles/equipment, COVID-19 testing sites, and in hospitals and quarantine sites.

“Our mission is to assist in any way possible with making Southeast Michigan a better, safer place to live and work,” said Detroit Crime Commission Executive Director Andy Arena. “PVS Chemicals has supported Detroit’s public safety community in this mission for many years. It has been our honor and pleasure in assisting PVS in this project. Supplying hand sanitizer, a crucial component of PPE, to first responders will undoubtedly make their job safer.”

“On behalf of the Detroit Public Safety Foundation and Detroit Public Safety Leadership, we are continually amazed at the support PVS Chemicals and the Nicholson family support of our first responders year after year,” said Patti Kukula, executive director, Detroit Public Safety Foundation. “PVS switching its processes to making hand sanitizer for the protection of our first responders on the job was timely and greatly appreciated. PVS’ actions make all of us stronger to fight this invisible enemy.”

Deputy Aaron M. Naegely, Erie County Sheriff’s Office, added, “We appreciate how community members and businesses, including companies like PVS Chemicals, have come together to help the war against COVID-19 here in Erie County. The hand sanitizer and creation of the disinfectant wipes was 100% made possible thanks to PVS.”

Nicholson noted, “We certainly plan to do more since the need is great, but the supply is short. Specifically, there is a shortage of raw materials, such as Isopropyl-alcohol and individual containers, for PVS to make and bottle the much-needed hand sanitizer for even more front-line workers.”

PVS, a 75-year-old family run business, is headquartered in Detroit and operates multiple manufacturing and distribution facilities across the globe.

Its manufacturing plant in Buffalo has been in operation since 1888 and is one of the few plants in the world that makes ultra-pure sulfuric acid used in the manufacturing of advanced electronic components. The Buffalo plant is also a key supplier to water and wastewater treatment plants, steel mills, petroleum refineries, fertilizer blending plants, utilities and energy services plants.

About PVS Chemicals, Inc.

PVS Chemicals, Inc., founded in Detroit in 1945, has more than 1,300 employees worldwide and has 14 manufacturing plants and several distribution facilities across the U.S., Europe, Canada and Asia. What PVS provides touches everyone in some unique way. That’s why at PVS, Chemistry For Daily LifeTM isn’t just a tagline, it’s a promise. PVS does more than your average chemical company. PVS is a global manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of high- quality chemicals and provides reliable transportation services to its suppliers and customers. PVS provides sustainable solutions around the world to diverse industries that include electronics, manufacturing, steel, agricultural, fine chemicals, metal finishing, water treatment and food processing. PVS is committed to 100% customer satisfaction and creating a circular economy to maximize the use and reuse of our planet’s resources. For more information, visit www.pvschemicals.com.

NOTE TO EDITORS: Photos and/or b-roll are available of the hand sanitizer production, packaging and delivery to Detroit and Buffalo first responders. Downloadable video b-roll: https://vimeo.com/407241334/9185b00c83

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