PVS Minibulk, Inc. Announces Acquisition of Certain Assets of New Haven Chlor-Alkali LLC


November, 2019 – PVS Minibulk Inc, is pleased to announce the acquisition of certain assets related to the minibulk distribution business of New Haven Chlor-Alkali, New Haven, CT (NHCA). The transaction was signed and closed by both parties on November 22nd, 2019. The acquisition will combine NHCA’s Minibulk distribution business in the East Coast with that of PVS Minibulk’s.

John Cannon, Vice President & General Manager of PVS Minibulk, states, “Our acquisition of NHCA’s minibulk business represents an important expansion of PVS Minibulk’s capabilities, significantly growing our presence in the Eastern Region. We look forward to continuing the long standing relationships with NHCA’s suppliers and customers, and to build upon the foundation created by NHCA by providing a broader portfolio of products and services to all current and new customers in the region.”

NC Murthy, CEO of New Haven Chlor-Alkali, states, “While we have built a solid business over the past few years, we have decided that it is in the best interest of our clients, suppliers, employees and the community, for PVS Minibulk to take over the minibulk portion of our business. With a long history in the minibulk distribution, PVS Minibulk has a reputation as a safe and diligent operator. We are confident that our clients, employees and assets are in good hands.”

About New Haven Chlor-Alkali LLC

Since 2016, New Haven Chlor-Alkali LLC has continued to build upon the strong foundation that its predecessor, H. Krevit and Company Inc. built, starting in 1919. With its highly motivated workforce NHCA has succeeded in becoming a substantial distributor in both minibulk deliveries and packaged products in the Northeast. New Haven Chemicals, the transportation company, has been providing exceptional service to customers and will continue to provide the same level of service our customers have come to expect

About PVS Chemicals and PVS Minibulk

PVS Chemicals enables our world through the safe and reliable delivery of chemistry, either created by us or sourced from partners. In its third generation of leadership since its founding in 1945, family-owned PVS Chemicals values stability, integrity and responsibility in all its customer, supplier, employee, and community relationships.

PVS Chemicals is the parent company to a number of operating units including PVS Minibulk. PVS Minibulk operates in certain key markets in the Midwest, South Central Region and the East Coast of the US. The subsidiary offers a unique solution to solving customer’s needs by installing PVS owned, small bulk tanks at customer sites performing on-time delivery of specialty commodity chemicals in quantities ranging from 100 gallons to full truckloads.

For additional information, contact:

Omar Sinaph, P.E.

VP of Business Development,

PVS Chemicals Inc., 10900 Harper Ave, Detroit, MI 48213

Email: osinaph@pvschemicals.com

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